High Tech Gadgets For Home Bar

6 High-Tech Gadgets That Make Your Home Bar Awesome

People have been drinking wine for too many years back. There are 15000 cumulative years for drink hacking, but in 2018, people are still searching for new ways to change the common boozing action.

There is not only cooking gadgets that make us surprised. There is also a bunch of high tech gadgets for home bar. They show us that how can a person become a mixologist to a sommelier and all these creative ideas are to make your home into a Home bar. They all teach us the clever engineering to the drinkers among us.

SodaStream Sparkling Gold

Sparkling Gold is SodaStream’s first and most amazing alcoholic mixer. Sparkling Gold is having an amazing gold toned bottle and it is capable of 12 glasses of wine as well. Therefore, you can mix up the ration of the alcohol by using the mixing tool, which is added to the mixer. It tastes as same the French Champagnes.

Plum Wine system

There are times when we have to finish the bottle of wine before it gets spoilt. But in the current generation, a new creation is provided to the people. It is known as Plum Wine System. It contains a sleek black box and it makes the wine remains Chilled. The best in this gadget is that it has a camera to find out the label of the Wine. But when its time to serve the wine, this gadget will distribute the wine into your glass automatically. Overall, it is a great Hi-tech gadget in the current generation.

Ember Coffee Mug

This is a ceramic mug including a built-in heater, keeps your tea or coffee at the perfect drinking temperature. This gadget helps you to reheat your cooled drink whenever you get tired. You can simply use the mug by tapping start button and the gadget will give you the instant hot coffee.

Perfect drink pro

High Tech Gadgets For Home bar

This is a  smart scale to mix the liquid. Simply, put your shaker on the scale and start streaming. The gadget will notify you when you have to stop. It will prevent you from over pouring. After that, the gadget can reuse the rest of the wine with an appropriate ratio.

Porthole infuser

This is a stunning glass that looks wonderful if you put this on your home. You can mix up your drink by pouring it through its chamber. Moreover, this is a creative mix up tool with a remarkable look.

Levitating Cup

It looks like a stunning luxurious glass. You can cocktail your drinks with the help of these levitating Cup. It is completely shatterproof hence, an accident stuck can’t break your gadget.


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