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Make The Perfect Cocktail With These 5 Gadgets

Bartending isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Even though, Tom Cruise made it look easy in Cocktails, mixing the drinks perfectly and perfectly chilling a glass of wine is not every man’s play. Or even women for that matter.

But, I am here to make you the star cocktail maker. I have a list of 5 gadgets. With these gadgets, you can mix the best cocktails ever. So, buy them and show off your talent.


Many grocery stores and bottle shops are serving a glass of wine these days. This facility allows people to enjoy a glass of wine without having to open a bottle and running the risk of ruining it.

D-vine takes it a step further. The device carries tubes of wines. There is an embedded chip on each tube that lets the device read the type of wine. It chills each wine accordingly to the perfect temperature.

The right temperature opens up the perfect taste and aroma. It is an ideal beverage system for wine lovers. D-vine not only offers variety but also performs all the hard work. For now, you can find it just in France, but the company is planning to bring it in the U.S sometime later this year.


If you aren’t a professional, chances are, you keep messing up the proportions while mixing the drinks. With Sombar, you can let the technology take over the mixing. This device comes with six chambers that are sealed. It keeps the mixers and the spirits fresh.

Somabar has a smartphone app. Select the drink you want over the app, and it will mix it for you. It is a self-cleaning system of the size that matches that of a coffee maker. This device comes with 300 pre-programmed drinks. It can make a cocktail for you in just about five seconds. This fantastic electronic bartender is still in its pre-production phase.

PicoBrew Pico

Zymatic from PicoBrew Pico has made brewing at home easy. However, it comes highly expensive. It is very user-friendly. You can buy the brewing ingredient packs from the brewers like Rogue and Dogfish Head. And then, you can start brewing instantly.

You can brew a batch in two hours. Let the brew cool and then drop in some yeast in them. Let it stay up to five days three days at least. You have your home brewed beer ready for consumption.


With Somabar, you get mixers and alcohol. However, with Bartesian, you find an altogether different approach to the automatic mixing of the cocktail.  The device has pods that you can fill with rum, vodka, gin, and tequila.

Then you can use the capsules that are like a Keurig. Insert the pod, chose the strength of your drink and hit pour. You will have your drink ready in no time. For now, you can make six different drinks from it, but the company is looking to enhance its capacity.



This device is much like PicoBrew. You can automate the brewing of beer using this one. You can select your portion of grains and hops for making your beer. Its recipes come from the users that are spread across 50 countries, and Brewie brews 5 gallons of beer. However, it comes quite expensive.

These are the top 5 gadgets in my list of making your cocktails and beers. However, there are some that I can’t miss mentioning. So, here are some more gadgets for you.

The Bonus Gadgets For Being A Perfect Bartender

  • Eparé Pocket Wine Aerator- If you prefer bold-bodied wines, you will love this device. Forget the traditional decanters, with this aerator; you can enhance your drink in under 15 seconds. It takes the flavour bouquet and finish of your wine almost equal to expensive wine.
  • Perfect Drink 2.0 Smart Scale- Everyone loves crafted cocktails. You can use its app of the interactive recipes. It has a Bluetooth scale. With its help, you can mix over 400 types of cocktails or create your custom recipe as well. Select your drink, pick the serving size and then follow the instructions. This device comes with a unique feature that can show you a recipe based on whatever ingredients you have available with your right now.
  • Crafthouse Cocktail Smoking Box- The smoking box adds a serious wow point to your cocktail mixing skills. Revitalize your cocktail with flavours that are complex like dried herbs, smoked hickory or apple. With this device, you can add a dramatic touch to your cocktails.
  • Yarai Bitters Bottle- The liquid extracts of seeds, barks, flowers, leaves,  and herbs are called bitters. These add more great flavours and depth to your cocktails. Bitters are highly concentrated and hence should be used in a minimal amount. And to introduce bitters into your drinks, you must first find the perfect bitter bottle. Yarai is one of the best bottles for bitters. With the ideal bottle, you will be able to add the perfect amount of bitters to your cocktail every time.
  • SodaStream- If you are making cocktails in large batches, this home carbonator will come in handy for you. They are usually used for making soft drinks. With SodaStream, you can make your tonic water and carbonate your punch.

Right accessories are very vital for making the perfect drink, especially cocktails, Even if you know the recipes, you have to get your portions right. You must add the perfect finishing touches to them and mix them well.

Some of them will help you in making the perfect cocktail while the others can make them for you. If you look around, you will find many gadgets and accessories for meeting your requirements. You can even brew your beer at home with some of them.

The bottom line is, even if not everyone is meant for bartending,  you can get famous for your cocktails using these devices. They come a little costly, but then, that’s a one-time expense for you. Once you buy it, you will be able to mix the perfect cocktails all your life. makes sense, right?


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