Say Hello To The AI Powered Bartender Who Can Serve You The Perfect On The Rocks

“It may not flirt, it may not have trademark moves that define a seasoned bartender, but the AI-powered robot bartender can whisk a mean drink”


The tipsy Robots has been making headlines with its great Artificial intelligence that will serve you the perfect cocktail. Recently Tipsy Robots are on the top of curiosity but don’t worry as it won’t replace the human work.

People nowadays are in a great debate with the increase in the amount of automation, that will reduce the need for humanitarian efforts. But according to Rino Armeni the owner of Tipsy AI-Powered  Bartender it is just for entertainment. No human will get replaced with it.

According to the customers when robots serve a perfect blended martini, shaken not stirred, it may give you the feel of James bond but still, it lacks a human touch. But apart from the customers, the business owners are literally impressed by this automated bartenders. They don’t need a break, not even go for a smoke break or need a vacation.

Significant bars and restaurants, especially in America, have embraced the Automated service. There AI will serve you drinks, and you have to pay through pints via a computer terminal.

Anthony Pallino said that through these process every business could save thousands of dollars and invest for more further improvements. For every automated bartender, robot waiter gets introduced, the need of 3 to 4 people get reduced.


Carlo Ratti who is an Italian Architect has introduced the mass market cocktail maker NINO. Here two hands of artificial intelligence works which collect different drinks for a cocktail with perfect proportions. It is a significant source of curiosity as people are getting the classic cocktail with an ideal proportion from a robot.

Here one of the arms does the sharing stirring and shaking, and the other one does the pouring and serving. This Robot was coded with the dance which Marco Pelle did. So you can experience a perfect blend with perfect proportions along with some great moves.

According to Ratti, this NINO AI Powered bartender was never made to replace human effort. Instead, the primary purpose of its creation was to create a perfect bond between humans and robots. He also said that people need to embrace the new teachings offered by robotics as well as digital manufacturing.

According to Ratti, knowledge is always the first stage to manage any technology. He created NINO just as a source of knowledge and bond for people and technology. That was an important reason to use total robotics instead of camouflaging under human presence.NINO also displays the queue time as well as the current orders.



It is one of the best AI bartenders which serves the perfect drink. It learns from its users and lifestyles.

On Monsieur, you can browse through perfect and beautiful pictures of cocktail and also can get significant information on the drink you just had ordered.

Monsieur teaches you to taste as well as the proportion details. You will get different options like regular or light or boss which will give you the details of the amount of alcohol you are currently having. In this way, it will also learn about your choice and preference for drinks.

You can make your home an Irish pub just in a second, as Monsieur can serve you with 300 different cocktails. It is also loaded with different packages which contain 25 different themes on each package.

The best part of this Monsieur AI Powered Bartender has that you don’t even have to worry when your drinks content becomes empty. Monsieur will automatically send a text to the nearby store along with the quantity needed. It also provides your location, where the delivery will be done.

Monsieur is the best drinking friend anyone can have. It gets alert when your alcohol consumption is high and alerts you at that time. It also books a cab for you too.

Monsieur is the best personal butler as well as a friend as it notes the time when you are entering home. If you are late, it offers you double instead of giving a single.

It even knows you are on a date or not and will offer him or her a cocktail too. If your favourite team wins, it gets alerted and serves you the perfect cocktail for that day.


With these robotic bartenders, the owners now have a robotic workforce. They fulfil the need of customers and adds additional revenue when customers need a refill.

6 High-Tech Gadgets That Make Your Home Bar Awesome

People have been drinking wine for too many years back. There are 15000 cumulative years for drink hacking, but in 2018, people are still searching for new ways to change the common boozing action.

There is not only cooking gadgets that make us surprised. There is also a bunch of high tech gadgets for home bar. They show us that how can a person become a mixologist to a sommelier and all these creative ideas are to make your home into a Home bar. They all teach us the clever engineering to the drinkers among us.

SodaStream Sparkling Gold

Sparkling Gold is SodaStream’s first and most amazing alcoholic mixer. Sparkling Gold is having an amazing gold toned bottle and it is capable of 12 glasses of wine as well. Therefore, you can mix up the ration of the alcohol by using the mixing tool, which is added to the mixer. It tastes as same the French Champagnes.

Plum Wine system

There are times when we have to finish the bottle of wine before it gets spoilt. But in the current generation, a new creation is provided to the people. It is known as Plum Wine System. It contains a sleek black box and it makes the wine remains Chilled. The best in this gadget is that it has a camera to find out the label of the Wine. But when its time to serve the wine, this gadget will distribute the wine into your glass automatically. Overall, it is a great Hi-tech gadget in the current generation.

Ember Coffee Mug

This is a ceramic mug including a built-in heater, keeps your tea or coffee at the perfect drinking temperature. This gadget helps you to reheat your cooled drink whenever you get tired. You can simply use the mug by tapping start button and the gadget will give you the instant hot coffee.

Perfect drink pro

High Tech Gadgets For Home bar

This is a  smart scale to mix the liquid. Simply, put your shaker on the scale and start streaming. The gadget will notify you when you have to stop. It will prevent you from over pouring. After that, the gadget can reuse the rest of the wine with an appropriate ratio.

Porthole infuser

This is a stunning glass that looks wonderful if you put this on your home. You can mix up your drink by pouring it through its chamber. Moreover, this is a creative mix up tool with a remarkable look.

Levitating Cup

It looks like a stunning luxurious glass. You can cocktail your drinks with the help of these levitating Cup. It is completely shatterproof hence, an accident stuck can’t break your gadget.


Make The Perfect Cocktail With These 5 Gadgets

Bartending isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Even though, Tom Cruise made it look easy in Cocktails, mixing the drinks perfectly and perfectly chilling a glass of wine is not every man’s play. Or even women for that matter.

But, I am here to make you the star cocktail maker. I have a list of 5 gadgets. With these gadgets, you can mix the best cocktails ever. So, buy them and show off your talent.


Many grocery stores and bottle shops are serving a glass of wine these days. This facility allows people to enjoy a glass of wine without having to open a bottle and running the risk of ruining it.

D-vine takes it a step further. The device carries tubes of wines. There is an embedded chip on each tube that lets the device read the type of wine. It chills each wine accordingly to the perfect temperature.

The right temperature opens up the perfect taste and aroma. It is an ideal beverage system for wine lovers. D-vine not only offers variety but also performs all the hard work. For now, you can find it just in France, but the company is planning to bring it in the U.S sometime later this year.


If you aren’t a professional, chances are, you keep messing up the proportions while mixing the drinks. With Sombar, you can let the technology take over the mixing. This device comes with six chambers that are sealed. It keeps the mixers and the spirits fresh.

Somabar has a smartphone app. Select the drink you want over the app, and it will mix it for you. It is a self-cleaning system of the size that matches that of a coffee maker. This device comes with 300 pre-programmed drinks. It can make a cocktail for you in just about five seconds. This fantastic electronic bartender is still in its pre-production phase.

PicoBrew Pico

Zymatic from PicoBrew Pico has made brewing at home easy. However, it comes highly expensive. It is very user-friendly. You can buy the brewing ingredient packs from the brewers like Rogue and Dogfish Head. And then, you can start brewing instantly.

You can brew a batch in two hours. Let the brew cool and then drop in some yeast in them. Let it stay up to five days three days at least. You have your home brewed beer ready for consumption.


With Somabar, you get mixers and alcohol. However, with Bartesian, you find an altogether different approach to the automatic mixing of the cocktail.  The device has pods that you can fill with rum, vodka, gin, and tequila.

Then you can use the capsules that are like a Keurig. Insert the pod, chose the strength of your drink and hit pour. You will have your drink ready in no time. For now, you can make six different drinks from it, but the company is looking to enhance its capacity.



This device is much like PicoBrew. You can automate the brewing of beer using this one. You can select your portion of grains and hops for making your beer. Its recipes come from the users that are spread across 50 countries, and Brewie brews 5 gallons of beer. However, it comes quite expensive.

These are the top 5 gadgets in my list of making your cocktails and beers. However, there are some that I can’t miss mentioning. So, here are some more gadgets for you.

The Bonus Gadgets For Being A Perfect Bartender

  • Eparé Pocket Wine Aerator- If you prefer bold-bodied wines, you will love this device. Forget the traditional decanters, with this aerator; you can enhance your drink in under 15 seconds. It takes the flavour bouquet and finish of your wine almost equal to expensive wine.
  • Perfect Drink 2.0 Smart Scale- Everyone loves crafted cocktails. You can use its app of the interactive recipes. It has a Bluetooth scale. With its help, you can mix over 400 types of cocktails or create your custom recipe as well. Select your drink, pick the serving size and then follow the instructions. This device comes with a unique feature that can show you a recipe based on whatever ingredients you have available with your right now.
  • Crafthouse Cocktail Smoking Box- The smoking box adds a serious wow point to your cocktail mixing skills. Revitalize your cocktail with flavours that are complex like dried herbs, smoked hickory or apple. With this device, you can add a dramatic touch to your cocktails.
  • Yarai Bitters Bottle- The liquid extracts of seeds, barks, flowers, leaves,  and herbs are called bitters. These add more great flavours and depth to your cocktails. Bitters are highly concentrated and hence should be used in a minimal amount. And to introduce bitters into your drinks, you must first find the perfect bitter bottle. Yarai is one of the best bottles for bitters. With the ideal bottle, you will be able to add the perfect amount of bitters to your cocktail every time.
  • SodaStream- If you are making cocktails in large batches, this home carbonator will come in handy for you. They are usually used for making soft drinks. With SodaStream, you can make your tonic water and carbonate your punch.

Right accessories are very vital for making the perfect drink, especially cocktails, Even if you know the recipes, you have to get your portions right. You must add the perfect finishing touches to them and mix them well.

Some of them will help you in making the perfect cocktail while the others can make them for you. If you look around, you will find many gadgets and accessories for meeting your requirements. You can even brew your beer at home with some of them.

The bottom line is, even if not everyone is meant for bartending,  you can get famous for your cocktails using these devices. They come a little costly, but then, that’s a one-time expense for you. Once you buy it, you will be able to mix the perfect cocktails all your life. makes sense, right?