Oysters on the Half Shell  $17/30

Daily Mignonette

Mixed Greens $8

Roasted Peppers, Feta, Pita

Flatbread $10

Daily Accoutrements

Beef Rillette $10

Jerk Salsify, Rye, Mustard Seed

Green Meadow Farm Soup $8

Hubbard Squash, Pear, Ginger

Black Bass Crudo $10

Kumquat, Red Miso, Cranberry

Seared Fois Gras $15

Asian Pear, Maple, Orange

Lettuce Wrap $9

Shiitake, Daikon, General Tso

Brassicas $10

Sweet Chili, Broccoli, Purple Cabbage

Fettuccine $12

Bacon, Broccolini, Oyster Mushroom

Sweetbreads $12

Pumpernickel, Kale, Persimmon

Striped Bass $16

Bacon Dashi, Leek, Turnip

Shellfish Congee $12

Clam, Scallop, Maitake

Octopus $17

Sunchoke, Honeycrisp, Local Beans

Pork Belly $14

Parsnip, Meyer Lemon, Chicharron

Lamb $18

Broccoli Rabe, Pomegranate, Baby Fennel

New York Strip $19

Chimichurri, Barley, Cipollini

Duck Breast $20

Long Neck Squash, Prune, Brussels Sprout

Quail $28

Pecan, Sweet Potato, Long Hots


Consuming raw or under cooked food may increase your chances of food borne illness. Please inform your server of any food allergies


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