Stateside is a staple of the  thriving East Passyunk Business district, in South Philadelphia.

Our menu focuses on locally-sourced products and showcases ingredients and techniques common to the United States. Made up of mostly small plates but with a few large plates for sharing as well as a rotation of dessert offerings.

The bar showcase’s a unique mix of strictly domestic craft beers, wines and spirits. With an emphasis on Bourbon and Rye that grew as our country did.  We also offer small-batch American distilleries producing amazing gins, vodkas and rums. The booming craft beer scene showcases 10 taps and rotating artisan cans, ranging in styles of strictly American to some domestic takes on classic European styles. Wines are offered both by the glass and bottle, and features regions and varietals from throughout the country, with an emphasis on classic, iconic producers that have helped developed the now booming American wine industry. Cocktails are an emphasis at the bar as well, with several house made specialty cocktails offered and also the old-time classics that Americans have been sipping for years.

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